Step-by-Step directions to CSULB's Daniel Recital Hall

by Jimmy Emerzian

2/24/15 Note: Some of these photos are now slightly outdated due to remodeling, but the general directions and visual guidance is still good.  

The site this set of directions formerly belonged to has now been renovated (keeping in mind that this was published in 2007 for people to find my own recital), but this page was still getting lots of usage, so it will be left up as long as it is helpful!

From 405, exit Palo Verde and travel South (it's a left off the freeway).  After you go under the overpass and pass Stearns (where Del Taco is), you'll come up on Atherton.
Make a Right at Atherton (by the 7-11).
Quickly get in the left lane,
then make an immediate left into the parking lot
On your left will be lot 11, and on your right will be lot 12.
You’ll want to turn right into lot 12.

In the case where there are parking attendants standing at the entrance shown here (means there is another special event going on), parking is $5 (hopefully there isn’t an event though and you can proceed to the next step).

If there is no attendant, once you park, pick up a permit from the yellow parking permit dispenser for $3.25 and put it in your car. 

From my parking spot, the same dispenser is shown here.

Stand by the yellow permit dispenser, look to the West, and find the gigantic Blue Pyramid (no joke, it’s a giant blue pyramid). 

Walk down the path toward the Pyramid 
Stay to the Right
There will be a level below you on your right with practice rooms, and a level above you on your right with a tall building, some offices and a grassy area. 

On your left, you will walk by some really messed up bicycles.

"some really messed up bicycles"...
"some really messed up bicycles"...
You will see a ramp ahead on your right, by another messed up bicycle and a poster of me.
take the ramp up to the next level and continue in the direction of the Pyramid.

The Daniel Recital Hall is the building with the large glass windows ahead on your right.

Enjoy the show!!!

Originally posted by Jimmy Emerzian 5/18/07

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