Theo Wanne “Amma” Wood 8 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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This mouthpiece has a gorgeous sound, and is now considered rare as they are no longer in production.  Grab it here while you still can!


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The AMMA alto has a traditional full sound similar to a vintage Meyer Bros. alto mouthpiece. However, due to its slightly higher floor and True Large Chamber, it has even more projection and fullness to the sound. It’s incredibly rich sound lends itself to a very creative and expressive feeling while playing it. 

Our new manufacturing technology allows us to make the AMMA alto Stable-Wood mouthpiece entirely from one piece of Stable Wood. Stable-Wood has an incredibly rich and warm sound due to its wood grain and the character inherent in real wood. However, it will not crack or warp as Stable-Wood is impregnated all the way through with resin, making it stable. 

The AMMA alto’s True Large Chamber is breaking new ground. Large chambers have been widely explored in the history of tenor mouthpieces, but very little has been done with alto mouthpieces, until now. The AMMA alto mouthpiece opens up a whole new world for the alto saxophone. 

The True Large Chamber is formed from a specific conical design that starts at the tip of the mouthpiece, forms its rounded inner side walls, and reaches to the back of the chamber. This extremely complex sculpted design is all machined to extremely high tolerances, so is far more accurate than any other large chamber mouthpiece made in history.