Theo Wanne DATTA Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Hard Rubber 9

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MSRP is $565, Retail is $395.

This mouthpiece is no longer being produced, so grab it while you can and for less!


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This is a very nice Theo Wanne tenor mouthpiece, with one of Theo’s great curve/baffle profile combinations, and a True Large Chamber for achieving a sound full of body, with the added focus of straight side walls and projection  and a high baffle.  This piece is from my stock from my days as a Theo Wanne dealer (before you could get these in Sam Ash, etc).  My touring schedule kept me from being as active as I’d have wanted to and I still have a few mouthpieces left that were ordered so that people could try them out.  As such, this piece has been played out a handful of times (including a test run on a gig by New York Saxophonist Chase Baird- can be heard here), but is still in as good of condition as your typical store-stocked mouthpiece.

PLEASE NOTE: Although there are very slight tooth marks on the patch (lighter than the marks that came from the factory due to pressure from the Reed Replacer Cap’s on the pad), this mouthpiece will come with a new tooth patch if you choose to replace it.  Also, marks from the ligature are common on the body of these, even on brand new pieces- this piece is no different and has ever-so slight rub marks where the ligature meets the mouthpiece.
This is your chance to get a new Theo piece for less than you can grab one from Sam Ash (in which you can bet those pieces will have been tried out as well, but not handled as carefully- I’ve seen untrained salespeople do awful things to tips and facings tossing them back in boxes).