‘dig.’ JAZZ QUINTET: The 1999 Studio Session

Cover : ‘dig.’ JAZZ QUINTET: The 1999 Studio Session

All original music by musicians in the group. This material is representative of the compositional, improvisational, and emotional maturity that had evolved with the group during the first half of 1999. This recording was made the week that the musicians all went their separate ways: some to New York, and some to Los Angeles, to further their educations in music. Thus, the 1999 Studio Session gives a heartfelt glimpse of the bond between the musicians that was thriving even up until that last date in the studio together. Every song is full of the spirit that the group had in all their live performances, captured skillfully by recording engineer Vincent Keenan. There are two alternate takes included.

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Braden Soper, trumpet
Jimmy Emerzian, saxophone
Cheyenne Henderson, piano
Kevin Hill, bass
Sean Alderette, drums

Track Listing:

1) In Search Of Cloud Nine
2) Brother Sean
3) Schroedenger’s Cat
4) T h
5) Green My Eyes, Black My Coat
6) Bubble
7) In Search Of Cloud Nine (alt take)
8) Brother Sean (out take)

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