Elliot Deutsch Big Band- Weeknight Music

Cover : Elliot Deutsch Big Band- Weeknight Music

In September 2008, 17 of the most talented young musicians in Los Angeles recorded for two days at Studio 606 in Burbank, CA to record the 11 songs that became Elliot Deutsch Big Band’s debut album Weeknight Music.  Using time-tested recording techniques and incomparable, old-school equipment an authentic set of classic big band jazz was captured.  The solos were captured live with the band so that the music breathes with life.  Over the next 2 months, the songs were expertly mixed by John Avila (Oingo Boingo, Reel Big Fish) and then mastered at Capitol Records on the same board that mastered countless classic big band albums.

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Saxophones: Will Vargas, Dan Kaneyuki, Jimmy Emerzian,
Ken Moran, Stephan Cardenas
Trumpets: Jon Bradley, Walt Simonsen, Erick Jovel, Brian Owen, Bijon Watson, Chris Gray
Trombones: Paul Young, Nick Daley, Ermuelito Navarro, Steve Hughes, Nick DePinna
Piano: Nick Paul
Bass: Greg Swiller, Justin Carney
Drums: Adam Alesi
Vocals (on Beautiful Friendship): Kalil Wilson

Track Listing:
1. Cheek to Cheek (Irving Berlin, arranged by Elliot Deutsch)
2. The Jury’s Out (Jimmy Emerzian)
3. Beautiful Friendship (Arranged by Elliot Deutsch)
4. Rhythm Challenge (Elliot Deutsch)
5. Space Cowboys (Brian Owen)
6. Coffee Time (Elliot Deutsch)
7. Yeah… We’re Sleeping Together (Elliot Deutsch)
8. Home (Jimmy Emerzian)
9. Nearness of You (Arranged by Elliot Deutsch)
10. When I Fall In Love (Arranged by Elliot Deutsch)
11. Stroll at the Beach (Elliot Deutsch)

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