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Eon Burchman Group is an album full of intriguing and organic compositions and expressive improvisations. ¬†There is some cool stuff on here…a fresh perspective and a departure from the jazz you may be used to hearing.



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Track Listing:

1) All Ways Here (Burchman)
2) Seventh of March (Burchman)
3) Beauty Fatigue (Emerzian)
4) Love Theme (Burchman)
5) Effulgence (Burchman)
6) Elizete (Fischer)
7) Like Sonny (Coltrane)
8) So Dear (Burchman)
9) This Thing (Burchman)


Eon Burchman- Guitar
Jimmy Emerzian- Tenor Saxophone
Scott Graham- Acoustic Bass
Robert Keding- Drums

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