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Percussionist Shawn Glyde doesn’t miss a beat.  Letting the rhythmic pulse lead the way, drums take center stage on his new indie release Alternate Rhythm. All of the tracks are original, and with harmonic/melodic components layered in support, these songs were composed in a completely original way.  The results are anything but humdrum!  With striking edits, changing signatures, and technically complex patterns, the only thing predictable here, is that Shawn Glyde’s Alternate Rhythm is wonderfully unpredictable!

Bassist Jimmy Haslip (of the Yellowjackets), Jason Galuten(piano/keys) and Brad French (piano/synthesizers) join Glyde on the record and also lend a hand in composition.  A variety of unexpected styles are showcased throughout and it all begins with the opening track Blur.   The last song written, it has an exciting improvisational feeling to it, while the song Blind brings an alternating infusion of pop and rock elements to the project.  Jimmy Emerzian on soprano/tenor sax and Scott Dean on muted trumpet add soothing vibes to the pop portion, and guitarist Rich Severson lays down the metal to rock it out.  Glyde bridges this musical hybrid with drums that find the groove then hammers it home!

The Odd Temple and Tribal Five are cinematic numbers with the first whisking you on an ancient journey.  Meghan McKown’sbeguiling vocals coupled with the Glyde’s signature changes give it an exotic spirit, and the latter song, with its driving pace and drums like rolling thunder, leave you on the edge of your seat.  Emerzian on soprano/tenor sax weaves his way through a path cut byRyan Jones’ electric guitar.  Surprises continue with a Twisted Vortex, a fast-paced atmospheric track that unexpectedly bops!  You’ll love Galuten’s straight ahead piano work on this piece.  Using double hi-hats, Glyde does a killer drum solo on Audio Mind, a mind-blowing fusion number which also features some beautiful synthesized trumpet stylings by French.  This outstanding project concludes with the jazz trio number, Disposable Art, an original inspired by the legendary band Weather Report.

Historically speaking, drums have been used as a means of communication and today the message is clear.  Shawn Glyde is a drummer with the artistic and technical skills that make him red hot.  Turn on the surround sound and turn up the volume…  Alternate Rhythm is a thrill-a-moment ride!

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Track Listing:
1. Blur
2. Tony’s Temple
3. Future Artist
4. Water Drums
5. The Odd Temple
6. Blind
7. Tribal Five
8. Twisted Vortex
9. Audio Mind
10. Disposable Art

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