Shawn Glyde: Drumenergy

Cover : Shawn Glyde: Drumenergy

DRUMENERGY is Shawn Glyde’s third album as a solo artist featuring his drumming, song writing, production, sound design, different styles, soundscapes, concepts and an assortment of amazing musicians. Jazz, jazz fusion.



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Shawn Glyde- Drums, Percussion and Synths
Jimmy Haslip- Bass and additional synths
Jason Galuten- Piano and Keyboards
Larry Koonse, Ron Delarm, Rich Severson- Guitars
Jimmy Emerzian- Soprano Sax
Meghan McKown- Vocals
Terry Longshore- Marimba
Eva Scow- Mandolins and Violin

Produced by: Shawn Glyde and Jimmy Haslip
Mixed and Mastered by: Rich Breen

Track Listing:
1. Sticks Out
2. Jacket Statement
3. Gong’s Market
4. Nine Steps
5. Sleeping Soundly
6. Another Plane
7. Wee Pop
8. Parade Block

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