Teryn Ré Big Band

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Jazz Vocalist meets big band arranging in a new way! Teryn Ré arranges and is the vocalist on her own arrangements. Enjoy jazz standards to pop tunes such as “A House is Not a Home.”

It is not common to find a jazz vocalist who arranges her own big band charts. Teryn Ré is just that and is proud to present her first big band album to the world! The tunes on the album vary from well known jazz standards to popular tunes of today. As you can see, the amount of talent put into this album is nothing short of great. Teryn looks forward to where the big band may go. This is only the beginning!

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Richard Carey
Allan Valladaras
Dylan Peck* soloist “But Not For Me”
Michelle Lane
Josh Welchez* soloist “Moon River”

Ben Devitt
Paul Young* soloist “A House is Not a Home” and “It’s Like Reaching for the Moon”
Erik Hughes* soloist “If You Never Fall in Love With Me”
Taylor Covey* soloist “Beautiful Love”
Michael King

Vince Hizon* soloist “A Little Happy Talk” and “But Not For Me”
Morgan Jones
Jonathan Rowden* soloist “Beautiful Love”
Jimmy Emerzian* soloist “Save Your Love For Me” and “It’s Like Reaching for the Moon”
Eric Price

Ryan Skiles
Brandon Shaw
Sean Barrett
Gary Lee
Sean Jones* soloist “If You Never Fall in Love With Me”
Gene Coye

Track Listing:

1. A Little Happy Talk (feat. Teryn Ré & Vince Hizon)
2. Beautiful Love (feat. Taylor Covey & Jonathan Rowden)
3. Save Your Love for Me (feat. Teryn Ré & Jimmy Emerzian)
4. Moon River (feat. Josh Welchez)
5. A House Is Not a Home (feat. Paul Young)
6. If You Never Fall in Love With Me (feat. Teryn Ré & Sean Jones)
7. It’s Like Reaching for the Moon (feat. Teryn Ré & Paul Young)
8. But Not for Me (feat. Dylan Peck & Vince Hizon)

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