University Jazz Composers Collection 2002

Cover : University Jazz Composers Collection 2002

A wonderful CD comprised solely of original works by extremely talented and creative young artists from the UCLA Jazz Studies Program, 2002.  Recorded and produced by Jimmy Emerzian, this disc offers a glimpse into the diverse and high-quality music that is being created by the legends of tomorrow.  As an added bonus feature, this is an enhanced CD that can be browsed in your CD-ROM drive to view artist biographies and photos.

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Ben Adamson (trumpet)
Braden Soper (trumpet)
Dan Hatfield (alto saxophone)
Ian Vo (alto & tenor saxophone)
Jimmy Emerzian (tenor & soprano saxophone)
John Ritchie (alto & tenor saxophone)
Bryant Vo (trombone)
Nick Keller (guitar)
Rico Garcia (guitar)
Billy White (piano)
Cheyenne Henderson (piano)
Jeff Goodkind (piano)
Sean O’Connell (piano)
Aaron Cohn (bass)
Jose Ramirez (bass)
Miguel Sawaya (bass)
Thomas Altura (bass)
Joe Petrasek (drums)
Michael Pinae (drums)
Miles Senzaki (drums)
Roberto Miranda (congas)

Track Listing:
1) The Shrine- Braden Soper
2) Alle Fiskene- Dan Hatfield
3) Sliced Up- Cheyenne Henderson
4) Roused-It- Miguel Sawaya
5) Asian-American Latin- Jeff Goodkind
6) The Flood- Ian Vo
7) Whose Side Are You On?- Sean O’Connell
8) La Comedia Di Dante- Ben Adamson
9) The Kwa- Billy White
10) Ballpoint Apprehension- John Ritchie
11) Mercy- Jimmy Emerzian

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