And Now? Not.

Last year as the pandemic got under way, much like all of you, I was looking for ways to process the idea that things we thought were going to happen (even once-in-a-lifetime kind of things) just were not going to be happening. Trying to make the best of things, I started trying to catch up on some goals of publishing my music and educational materials. I started off by publishing "Shelter In Place," an etude on "Alone Together" and I got a lot of positive feedback from that. I wrote "And Now? Not." right after that was published but by that time, Zoom life as a teacher and parent had already taken its hold. As much as it seemed like there should be endless time to realize all my goals, I found that the new way of life left me just as "occupied" as before but with a lot less steam in the tank for creative endeavors. I'm sure I'm nowhere near alone on that!

So on the anniversary of that day we all faced the beginning of a new reality, I finally got myself to put this one out there. Hope you'll enjoy reading or playing along and if you would like to buy a copy (includes lots of practice recordings), please visit:

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