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A note to readers and fans of the Mark Turner/Warne Marsh project:

After providing my Master's Thesis on a donation-only basis for the last several years (since 2008), only 2 small donations were ever made- out of hundreds of downloads per month.  I am happy to know people have found this project of value, and I am honored and humbled to contribute my work to the body of knowledge.  However, I do have expenses involved in hosting this material.  It is my hope that you will support my endeavors by purchasing a copy, which will help pay for the bandwidth that has been used to host this file.  You can do so at www.emerzianmusic.com/store.

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Master's Thesis by Jimmy Emerzian, about Warne Marsh's influence on Mark Turner 

(includes transcriptions and interviews with Mark Turner, Gary Foster, and Joey Sellers)*