And Now? Not.

Last year as the pandemic got under way, much like all of you, I was looking for ways to process the idea that things we thought were going to happen (even once-in-a-lifetime kind of things) just were not going to be happening. Trying to make the best of things, I started trying to catch up on some goals of publishing my music and educational materials. I started off by publishing "Shelter In Place," an etude on "Alone Together" and I got a lot of positive feedback from that. I wrote "And Now? Not." right after that was published but by that time, Zoom life as a teacher and parent had already taken its hold. As much as it seemed like there should be endless time to realize all my goals, I found that the new way of life left me just as "occupied" as before but with a lot less steam in the tank for creative endeavors. I'm sure I'm nowhere near alone on that!

So on the anniversary of that day we all faced the beginning of a new reality, I finally got myself to put this one out there. Hope you'll enjoy reading or playing along and if you would like to buy a copy (includes lots of practice recordings), please visit:

Jazz and Comedy

I came across this great interview of comedian Jeff Garlin (Larry David’s manager on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) by Bret Primack, in which Jeff discusses his love of classic jazz music, with a focus on Sonny Rollins.  He draws parallels between the improvisational nature of what he does in his career and the spirit of the great jazz recordings, performances, and artists.  Fans of Seinfeld, Curb, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, or just the vitality of spontaneity in life will appreciate this insightful chat. can’t be loaded: Jeff Garlin Meets Sonny Rollins – Comedy and Jazz (

Java Jazz 2015 Recap and other news

So it has been a few (crazy) weeks since I returned from Java Jazz. Turns out I was much busier at Java Jazz than I thought I might be, between the rehearsals, gigs, and keeping up with business back home, so I didn’t have much time for updating my site while I was there.  Of course once I got back, I had the usual week of jet-lag and being both burned out and inspired at the same time that I usually feel after returning from such a concentrated and intense experience.  I am just now finding some time to collect my thoughts about my time in Jakarta this year, so here are my highlights:Continue reading

Bob Parlocha

I’ve spent the evening listening (as I have a couple nights this week) to Bob Parlocha’s show on KJazz, which has been really helpful to get me through the scary beginnings of some necessary spring cleaning.  The sad thing is that Bob passed away last week, and they are obviously playing tapes of his past shows.

Over the past years, I heard his show late at night and always loved the hip tunes he played but it wasn’t until major changes at KKJZ in recent years made his choice of material stand out like a beacon of straight-ahead and progressive jazz.  Took me a while to realize he was being piped in from off-campus, and it wasn’t until I went looking for his playlists online that I discovered that.  Continue reading

Java Jazz Here We Come!

Right now I’m sitting on a plane, and looking forward to performing this week at the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia. This will be my fifth year attending as a member of the Ron King Big Band, and it’s always a wonderful experience. The people of Indonesia are very gracious and the audiences truly love and appreciate the music.

One of my favorite things about the festival is that all the artists stay at the same hotel, where nightly jam sessions are also held. In addition to getting to hear some of the world’s most amazing musicians (and sit in with them), it has also become a place where I run into old friends and fellow musicians who are on the touring circuit.

Well, we are taking off now, so next time I post it will be from the tropics! Here’s looking forward to another great year at Java Jazz!

Pics to come!