I can transform your handwritten charts into professionally notated scores, done with care on Finale notation software. I can also create parts from existing scores or scores from parts, no matter whether your work is originally handwritten, or created in a computer program (Finale, Sibelius, Logic, Cubase, Etc).

Even the most up-to-date software doesn't intuitively create sheet music that is easily readable by real musicians, and the extra care taken in the editing and part creation process can save time, money, and frustration in moments where it counts the most. For most writers, this option at the very least frees up valuable time to focus on the creative process and spend less time fiddling with the minutia of formatting.

Scores can be delivered in PDF format (standard), or printed, collated, taped, and shipped.
My rates are competitive and reasonable. Please feel free to contact me for an estimate on price and turn-around time for your project!

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