“The Jury’s Out”- Big Band Arrangement


An exciting chart from start to finish, “The Jury’s Out” is always an audience favorite.  With its attention-grabbing intro, playful beboppish melody, sectional interplay, angular solos changes (modified 24 bar blues), quirky layered instrumental “shout” section, and bombastic drum solo, the momentum never stops until the end and your band will be engaged just as much as the audience.

Listen to this arrangement as it appears on the album “Weeknight Music”:

(Scroll down for a video of the Pandemonium Big Band version!)


Format: PDF (Score and Parts)


5 Saxes (AATTB), 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones (3+Bass), Guitar (optional), Piano, Bass, Drums

(Original album Version) Alto 2, Trumpet 2, Piano fills, Drums
(Pandemonium Version) Tenor 1, Trumpet 4, Piano fills, Drums

Mutes/Doubles:  None

Tempo: 220bpm

Approximate length: 6:30-7 minutes, depending on solo repeats

Difficulty Level: Intermediate-Advanced